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House Report

Aug. 8, 2016 – Oh so close, we are almost there. The house director’s suite is getting closer every day. The tile is complete. The kitchen cabinets are complete. The light fixtures are all complete. The plumbing is complete. The painting is finished. All of the baseboard is installed.

And most impressive of all, is the refinishing of the wood paneling in the front room to match that in the foyer. No more paint and drywall hiding it anymore. It is complete and the only way to describe it is, WOW!

Another big change is the hardwood floors in both rooms. They were very nasty looking with what I guess was old glue from previous floor coverings. That has all been sanded away and it looks nice. New hardwood was installed where needed. A few holes to patch, previous air ducts, electric outlets etc. Just inside the door, the old floor was so corrupted from so many missing parts and pieces, that rather than a bunch of small ill regular patches, a major portion was removed and replaced. Now the entire floor has been stained and sealed. Another wow.

Three final inspections were scheduled for last Friday and two more for Wednesday August 10 and our house director is just about ready to move into this fine place to live.

It really looks like a living space now and it will only get better.

This is going to be a really nice space.

Now, it is off to Omaha with five of our undergraduate members for the AGR convention. I will tell you about that after our return. Then it will almost be time for Buckeye football.


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