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Ohio State’s new sophomore rule leaves landlords hunting for tenants


Ordinarily, at this time of year, apartments around Ohio State University’s campus are fully rented for fall semester.

Not this year.

OSU’s rule requiring sophomores to live on campus, which takes full effect in the fall, is causing landlords to hunt for tenants and in some cases to do the unthinkable: reduce rents.

“This is the most temperamental and tumultuous time as far as off-campus real estate that I’ve ever seen,” said Brian Grim, owner of University Manors, which manages 550 campus-area rentals.

Starting in the fall, all Ohio State sophomores – projected at 5,800 to 6,000 students – must live on campus. Traditionally, half of those, or about 3,000, would have moved off campus. Read the full article here.

We have always had an advantage as AGR’s now we have a physical structure to match!

  • There should be NO shortages of young men that do not want to live in dorms that are GREAT prospects for AGR and will be willing to pay for the privilege of being asked to be a Brother of the largest Agricultural Fraternity in the world with over 50,000 living alumni to network and find employment.
  • Being an AGR and having the luxury of living in the most modern, fully renovated OSU approved housing on the east side of High Street should create a waiting list!

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