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AGR National Convention Report

The AGR convention in Omaha was a great one. Beta alums in attendance were, Bill Richards 570, former National Director, Kirby Barrick 901, former Grand President, Dave Ames 780, former Regional VP, Dwight Steen 840 and Mike Estadt 1160, both Regional VP’s, and five undergrads, Noble Ruler Andrew Crist 1624, Anthony Ulman 1641, Jared Thomas 1649, Shawn Boller 1656, and Justin Gibbs 1663.

Beta Chapter made AGR history at the convention. Voting delegates from each chapter are the Nobel Ruler and additional undergrads depending on the chapter, we had two more. Also a representative of the alumni board and an advisor. Our advisor who traveled with us is Gwen Wolford.

Gwen is not the first female AGR advisor, there are currently five across the country. However, she is the very first to be recognized as a voting delegate to an AGR convention. As it turns out, this was a very calm convention as compared to some I have attended. No controversial votes this time with long discussions.

There were 61 of our 71 chapters represented, 145 undergrads, 22 advisors and 37 alumni. Plus a whole lot of current and former national officers and directors.

We did vote to establish a minimum grade requirement to be eligible to hold an undergraduate office. In our case that would be a 2.5 GPA. Also wording was changed in the statutes to remove the wording of “Chief Executive Officer” from the description of the Grand President so that going forward that title could be part of the Executive Director job description. Also Julian Garcia was elected Grand President and Ronnie Green and Doug Griffin to the National Board of Directors.

There was a great array of sessions with some wonderful presenters, most of which were AGR’s. We heard many stories of what AGR has meant to their lives. Not new information too many of us, but something our undergraduate members may take time to fully understand. All in all, it was a great three days in Omaha and I know I gained some things we can use at Beta Chapter.


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