HOUSE REPORT- AGR got a great Christmas present

We have it in writing, our final permanent occupancy permit.
And this morning we passed with flying colors our health permit to operate our kitchen.
The irony of this it is Christmas break and our guys will not be back for class for another 18 days. What timing. But it is done, complete, finished.

Well, there are still some punch list items and then we will start again. Next up is the renovation of the house mothers quarters that we omitted in the beginning, to trim our original contract coats. Thanks to those of you who have committed and contributed some additional funds we will be able to have this completed by the end on the spring semester, maybe sooner. There is some design work that needs to be done and the demolition portion will be able to be started shortly.

So now you are up to date. If I would have really kept you up to date this would be House Report 98.

Have a great new year. I think it might me a little easier for me.



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