As I drive the grain truck highway the grain trucks continue to roll. Someday someone needs to explain to me why when driving north on I 71 to Columbus I have seen grain trucks from Arkansas, Nebraska and Minnesota. Seems like a long way to go with a truck to me. Lately there has been a lot of farm equipment visible in the fields. None of it the usual. No combines. What can be seen is large track hoes, lots of them, making connections for field tile, clearing fence rows and taking down woods. Lots of trees coming down for more crop space.

The frustration is not what is on the highway, but what it leads to on Iuka Avenue. It has been a nightmare trying to reach completion and passing all inspections. It seems like every time we turn around they want something different or additional. The water coming out of the dishwasher was too hot to discharge into that 4 foot sewer so we had to add a chiller. The 2 inch gas line behind the stove had to be lowered so that the stove could be moved back a few inches so that the hood would extend out farther past the burners.

A while back they said the exhaust flue from the kitchen hood was too close to combustible material where it exited above the new rear entry. So, the pipe chase had to be extended, block and brick, and a new metal roof on top of that. Then they wanted an extension on the metal flue pipe above the roof, which from up of Woodruff Avenue looked awful. When the inspector saw it he agreed, so it was changed again. This time for the better but after some delay in getting it built and installed and the extra cost involved.

There is a fairly large exhaust fan over the dishwasher to get the steam out of the building. They wanted in writing that we had adequate replacement air for that fan. Contact the engineer. The replacement air fan behind the fence along the back wall is so large that it has a gas heater in it to preheat the air before it comes into the kitchen. If you are at 1979 just open the gate on the fence, that big horizontal unit is the replacement air. Then, some time after the inspection of the hood and the fire suppression system testing and inspection, they wanted additional documentation on the capacity of those systems.

So that is some of the frustrations. The last month or so hasn’t all been fun.

Now for the good part. Finally going our way.
Today we passed our final construction inspection!
We are not done yet, but this is a major mile stone.


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