September House Report

House Report – 9/17

Things are changing on the grain truck highway. On the way to Columbus this morning there was a field full of birds. When I got close, it was Canada Geese in a bean stubble field. First harvest I had seen this year, did see several more bean fields that had been combined and one combine working in a corn field. The landscape at the AGR house still looks good and the grass is really growing. We do have a big Ash tree by the property line back of the upper parking lot that is in the process of succumbing to the Emerald Ash Borer. This will need to be removed before we install the fence that is required by zoning.

Inside some of the odds and ends have been completed, still more to do. The window sills in the rear entry have been installed since my last visit. Right now the rear entry is pretty much filled with the hood that is for over the kitchen stove. It is a monster. It must be eight feet long and weighs 400 pounds. It will be interesting getting it into the basement. The plans are to drop it down through the elevator shaft. Looks like a case of overkill to me, but that is code. In my estimation there are a number of things I call overkill that have cost us money.

Today they were working on the front door. It is getting new hinges for one thing. The old ones were off, lots of wear on them. Certainly did wiggle. I wonder how many opening and closing they have endured. An electronic lock is being added so that the same fob will open the front and back doors,

Our guys got all of the furniture unwrapped and in use. Monday night they had the first chapter meeting in the remodeled Chapter Room.

Even though everything is not perfect yet, every one of our collegiate members that I have talked to are really happy to be in the house.

I am off to the airport soon to pick up Brother Merl Coon. We will be staying with Brother Bill Flinn. Brother Gary Ruckel will be with us on Friday and Merl is going to the football game with me Saturday and then we will visit Brother Hermon Fagley on Monday. Going to be a few great AGR days.
House Report- 9/11

Our collegiate members can move into the house. It wasn’t easy, but we passed inspection to get temporary occupancy.

The inspector was supposed to be there Wednesday for a walk through to tell us what we might need to do prior to a Thursday inspection. That did not happen on Wednesday but the Thursday inspection did occur, and we failed on a number of little things. Our guy Roland got everything that was required completed before the inspector arrived again at noon Friday. After two hours he signed the form and it was legal for our guys to move in. It was a great night for them. Lots of beds were made after the plastic shipping covers were removed.

Still some work to do. The kitchen needs to be finished to get permanent occupancy. That will take a few more weeks. Just an empty room right now that needs to be filled with equipment. Other than that, it is mostly odds and ends. There is quite a bit of finish work to do on the original woodwork on the third floor of the original house. The heat unit still needs to be installed in the rear entry.

The dining room chairs and the conference chairs in the library need the plastic wrap removed. My guess is our young men living there now can figure out how to do that. It will be interesting to see the house next week with it being lived in.


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