September Construction Update

House Report 9-3
Back when we had that monster hole alongside the house lots of pictures were taken.
At that time the inspector said they did not need to see it, pictures would do.
Doesn’t matter now, the inspector wants to see it.
Like I said before, don’t get our superintendent started.
The crew is almost there. Unfortunately the concrete in the bottom of the stair well looked to be about a floor thick, so it was a slow process getting through it. The drain pipe is now exposed and from the pictures we have, it is not much farther to get to the connection to the sewer. Then we can call the inspector.
On a more positive note. The carpet is in place on the front stairs. AGR GREEN. Looks good.
I had lunch with Bill Flinn today and then took him to see what we have done with the AGR house.
The furniture for the living room, library and lounge area was delivered today. All of it is still in the living room in plastic wrap. Dining room furniture scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.
The painters were busy again. More touch ups today, getting hard to find spots that still need paint.
The grass blades are still getting longer. Rain there last night. Rain there again tonight as I was leaving.  Perfect for our grass seedlings. As I make the drive up and down the grain truck highway, the landscape is changing. As our lawn keeps getting greener, the grain fields are losing their green. A few soybean fields are very yellow.
House Report 9-2
Today an inspector said he has to see the connection we made to the sewer way back when. Back when we had that monster hole alongside the house. The floor drains in the old house ran out under the basement door and down to the 4 ft sewer that goes under the house. We did not make a new tap, we tied into the original pipe. Lots of pictures were taken. In the past anything that our contractor has done the pictures were sufficient. Doesn’t matter now, the inspector wants to see it. So. At 6 am tomorrow morning the crew will be there to saw cut the floor in the bottom of the outside stairway. Like I said before, don’t get our superintendent started. Stay tuned tomorrow for the results.
On a more positive note. All of the floor tile is complete – everywhere! The basement looks great. The stair treads are all complete on all levels of the back stairs. All of the tack strips are in place for the carpet on the front stairs.
The kitchen area is complete, walls all painted, floor all finished. It should be cleaned up by tonight’s cleaning crew. That will make it ready for all of the kitchen equipment to be installed.
Today the roof railings were being installed. There is a one story flat roof over the rear vestibule. There are 5 or 6 condensers on it. The brick wall goes up a couple feet and the railing goes on top of that. There is also a flat area on the very top of the building, where the three different buildings come together. Six big condensers up there. You can see them from the drive by the church. The side toward the patio drops off and that is where a railing is needed to protect anyone working up there.
The painters were busy again. Today was touch ups on the hallway walls. Yesterday was rooms, different color. The women from the furniture company were very instrumental in picking our paint colors. Except for one wall of the library. Our collegiate members had expressed the desire to give the house an AGR look where we can. So that library wall is AGR green. Looks good.
Electric and plumbing have passed inspection, next up will be structural.
The grass blades keep getting a little longer. A little less straw showing today.
House Report 9-1
The dry wall ceiling is in place in the rear entry and the mudders showed up about 2 pm today to get it all filled in and smooth. The ceiling is complete in the dining room. The Chapter room is done! Carpet on the floor, baseboard molding in place. Really looks nice. The ceramic tile in the kitchen and basement restrooms was being finished up today. All of the odds and ends pieces were cut and in place. They were finishing up the grout when I was leaving. The stairs in the 57 addition from the first to second floor were covered with the rubber stair treads today. That is a time consuming job. Each one has to be measured and cut individually. First he worked his way up doing the top surface of the steps and then the facing got the same treatment. Two more stairs to do like that, one up and one down from there.
The panic bar door latch (has to meet code) was installed on the patio door since I was last there. The painters were busy. One was doing touch ups and will doing the same tomorrow. Two others were painting the remaining basement walls in the old house, the old coal bin and what is now the water and electric rooms under the House Mothers quarters. Rough old concrete, lots of nooks and crannies to get paint into.
Every door is now in place, several of them were a challenge to make the frame fit and then to make the wall area around them look good. Some trim work still remains to be completed.
The HVAC passed inspection. One more step out of the way. Counting on our guys being able to move in on Friday. One small problem today. The furnace room by the kitchen had water running out the door. There are three different drain lines that drop into a floor drain. It looked like one of them had to be leaking. After quite a while of study and consternation Roland figured it out. A condensation line that comes from the air conditioning units on the second floor ends about an inch above the floor. When the fans are on, the air current is such that the dribble of water does not drop straight into the drain, it was blowing slightly sideways onto the floor. He made a temporary baffle with a paper cup, tomorrow the pipe will get extended.
The grass blades keep getting a little longer. The straw is not completely hidden but it is getting there. Keeping our new plants adequately watered in the heat this week could be a challenge.

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