New Construction Update from Bill Thornton

House Report 8-27

A good day today. The gas is on.
It got turned on at 7:30 last night. The plumber has the hot water up and running. The gas furnaces were all tested, everything is good. All of the partitions are installed in the rest rooms. The dining room floor tile is complete. I think it looks great. It took a lot of grinding yesterday to take off the high ridge that ran down the middle of the room. That is where the basement wall was removed. It seems we may never get over making dust. The floor tile in the serving room should be complete by the time they go home for the day.


All of the life safety passed today with the exception of the sprinkler system. The ceilings in the dining room and the rear entry must be complete before they will approve. The sprinklers are all in place but until the ceilings are in place and the final collar around the sprinkler head is in place they will not approve. The sprinkler system has been tested and it is up and running. It is live! The fire alarm system was tested earlier this week. No one will sleep through that when it goes off. It was a little hard on those working in the building when they were testing. There are fire doors in lots of places in the hallways. These doors stay open with a magnet high in the wall. If the fire alarm is activated the power to the magnet is shut off and the doors will close.
Painting is still going on. Outside today was the fire escape and the trim on that side of the house and the front porch. Inside was the rear entry area and then pretty much down to small areas and touch ups and there is a lot of touching up to do. Out superintendent’s main man continues to fix and finish problems and hard to do spots.
The grass blades are a little longer today.
House Report 8-26
Two days. Two steps forward, one back. Forward because a lot of things are happening. Yesterday’s backwards revolved around the exhaust vent that will be coming from the hood above the stove area in the kitchen.  The inspector decided he wanted more insulation around the exhaust pipe. All sounds good except that a 12 inch hole has already been drilled through the block and brick wall and with the added diameter it all will not fit in the area designated for it. So it takes a redesign.
Yesterday the power washing was completed. The air conditioning was turned on and tested. Really cool in there. So no HVAC trucks in the parking lot today. The room units are extremely efficient. The small fan in each runs all the time at a variable sped depending on the load. Each condenser runs 4 or 5 units and each condenser has 50 different internal settings that adjust automatically according to the load. The fence around the dumpster in finished. All of the new down spouts are installed. All of the roof work is complete. Basement floors got a smoothing coat in preparation for tile. All of the small odds and ends of tile work in the restrooms are now complete and the dividers can now be installed. Electric installation in the rear entry is progressing.
Today I think it was four guys painting outside. I had planned on working on the landscape under the fire escape today, they were painting there. Another day. The electrician is close to complete, their outside portable storage was removed today. More parking lot showing. Stain in the foyer and stairway is ongoing. They are rebuilding the door at the top of the stairs to the chapter room. The tile floor is complete in the laundry room. Wow! The floor tile in the kitchen is complete and they are working their way out through the serving room. Some grinding work was happening on the dining room floor in preparation for tile. The plumbing passed the pressure test inspection. Another problem door frame was completed today. Adding a door in the existing block walls is not easy to fit and takes some custom trim work to make it look good.
Backwards today, the gas was supposed to be unlocked for us today. When I left at 4 pm that had not happened. We have to have gas for the hot water to pass the heat test for the plumbing and to test the furnaces. We will have to see what tomorrow brings.
If you look real close you can see that the grass seed has germinated.

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