New Construction Update from Bill Thornton

IMG_0450During today’s visit Roland indicated his goal was to have the second and third floor finished by the end of this week. Dry wall is finished, mostly sanded and very much painted. Door frames are in and doors are hung and all work properly in their frames, now they will be removed to spray paint the frames, then rehung and painted. Some of the heat units are installed. The door to the fire escape on the third floor will be installed tomorrow.

AEP has connected the electric from the new pole and much of the house is live.

Today the steel workers were there installing the beams that are designed to support the holes in the floor where the chimney was removed. This could not happen until the fill was in place around the elevator pit, needed to get close to the wall. Not sure how many workers there were involved on that, there seemed to be people everywhere. Not an easy job to get something that heavy through the wall, through the floor joists, and the wires and pipes that are there.

The footer was poured today for the window wells, this also become the footer for the fire escape, which puts it in better shape than it was previously. New window wells were needed because they were not exactly perpendicular anymore and with the three layers of blacktop that exist there they were way too shallow. Tuesday the outside basement stairs are scheduled to be poured. When that is done, scaffolding will be able to be put in place to start the block and brick for the elevator tower. The block, brick and motor mix equipment and materials are all in place. Good thing we have plenty of parking area.

All of the shower bases are installed and some of the showers have the sides installed, they look mighty nice to me.

We have a construction meeting Wednesday at Lincoln’s office, I will check on progress again then.


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