Double Down Challenge from Brother Reinhart

agrcrestThe following is a message from Brother Matt Reinhart which was a response to a personal plea I made.  Although the parties were great, you chose to be a member for a lot more than the fun and Matt made it clear that he is tripling his previous commitment to the renovation campaign, and is challenging all of you to “DOUBLE DOWN” on your commitments. 

All brothers are simply asked to help at the level you are capable of financially. Today we sit at $1,680,064 of the $2,400,000 that we need to pay for this renovation. Two-hundred twenty-six alumni have contributed so far with an average of about $7,500. The range of contributions are $100 to $100,000 – every dollar counts!

Please take the time to read and share a story or a photo of why you chose to be an AGR on our Facebook page, Alpha Gamma Rho Beta Alumni. Let us know who you are challenging to “DOUBLE DOWN.”

The House Corporation Board is very proud of our progress to ensure that AGR will be at Ohio State for another 100 years.

Bill Tom “1167”

Dear fellow Brothers,

The future of our Beta House is at stake! Bill’s personal plea for support and comment “it was more than just a party” really hit home for me.

Yeah, we had a lot of fun but it really was much more than that. I majored in agronomy and did not have the opportunity to grow up on a farm, but learned a tremendous amount from bros Harsh, Hirzel, Haines, Radcliff, Richter, Abke, Geiger, Wesler, Callicoat, Berry, Roeth brothers, Forest, Chunder (Lantz), Gold, Brockage, Krukemeyer, Krueger, Morlock, VanNess, Fennig, Donaldson, Brown, Wright….just to name a few!  I also have not been able to get back to the house in a long time (several overseas assignments have made it tough) but still remember those 3 1/2 years like they were yesterday.

The tradition, culture, and values make AGR and our Beta house special,  but as I reflect on the past 33 years of my life since graduation, it was these brothers that I am grateful to have had the honor to live with and learn from. Special thanks to each of you!

Now is the time for us to each give something back….as Bill appropriately stated “what we can afford”, whether $100 or $10,000, as any amount matters.

I am confirming to the Renovation Committee I will triple my original pledge and would like to challenge my fellow brothers to consider “doubling down”on yours!

We seem to be $800K short  from making the $2.4M goal.

Let’s do it!  I am sure we can get there. We are Beta Chapter, failure is not an option!

My best to all
Matt Reinhart  ’79

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