March Construction update from Bill Thornton


I was at the house March 17 and 18 which were the two days that the crews installed the helical piles through the basement floor.

 It took the full two days to drill the eight holes. According to their crew leader, the piles range from twelve feet to seventeen feet deep. Basically this is down to solid ground. This is determined by the amount of hydraulic pressures required and the amount of torque applied. This is a very specialized application, specially indoors. It was very interesting to see them in action. The inspector for these is scheduled to check them on Friday. To get their hydraulic power into the basement the had a small track hoe on a trailer parked in back of the house. The hydraulic hoses were disconnected from the hoe and hose extensions were snaked all the way into the basement and attached to the power head that fastened to the top of the pipe sections to drill into the ground.  When we are ready to make the new storm sewer connections in the parking lot they will return for that installation. In the meantime, those helical piles are stored in the dining room.

All of the drain pipes below the basement floor level have been inspected and are now covered up and ready to be covered over with concrete. The concrete contractor is scheduled to pour the floor and the piers which means we will then be ready to install the steel beam that will support the first floor.

The framers were working today at the top of the front stairs. The doorway that went into what was the library built with the 1971 addition, has been removed and will be filled in. This area in the original house was a large window that looked out over the back yard. When this area was opened up, the contractor was amazed at the massive wood lintel across the area, that is because of the large window that once was there. We old-timers will remember the bench that was in front of the window on the landing. The framers were working on that today as we will be restoring the bench.

In addition, the electrician was busy stringing wire through the ceiling and down the walls. All total, quite a few workers involved in the project today and it should only increase as we go along. Patio removal will probably start next week. We get all new drain lines from the down spouts so the patio is in the way.  There are three new dormers to install in the 71 addition and that should start next week and the roofer is scheduled to start. There are areas to fill in where the chimneys were removed. There was a protrusion in the second floor hall going back to the Boars Nest, opposite the Spring Room, that we have been walking around for almost a hundred years. Not any more, it is gone. How many of us struggled trying to move furniture around it?

Bill Thornton

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