A Word from the Noble Ruler


Greetings Brothers,

My name is Nathan Simpson and I am the new Noble Ruler of Beta Chapter for 2018. I am currently a fourth year student with plans to graduate in the spring of 2019. I am studying Computer Science and Engineering here at The Ohio State University. My hometown is South Vienna, OH in Clark County. Being the Noble Ruler so far has been a very rewarding experience but has also been a lot of hard work. When I and the rest of Beta Chapter’s new executive team took office in January, our first task was to overcome the campus wide suspension affecting all fraternities at Ohio State. It was in no way AGR’s fault but was instead an opportunity for the university to examine and improve the culture surrounding Greek life at Ohio State. Beta Chapter was able to quickly overcome the suspension while strengthening our relationship with Ohio State.

The chapter has been very busy this semester, with involvement in various events. Brothers had the chance to visit Kansas City, MO for Recruitment School as well as Memphis, TN to attend a Leadership Seminar with other AGR chapters from around the country. Another great opportunity the chapter had was to be able to donate the proceeds generated at our annual AGR Holiday Classic Steer Show to Buckeye-Thon, where we were among the top donors. The brothers of Beta Chapter were also honored to be able to host the President of The Ohio State University, Dr. Michael Drake, for dinner one night. We were able to tell him about our chapter and what it means to be in AGR as well as hear about his plans for the future of the College of Argiculture and the University as a whole.

Looking forward, the chapter has a lot of exciting events coming up. First is the return of the AGR Golf Outing which will take place on June 30, 2018 in Springfield. This is the first golf outing that our chapter has hosted in several years and everyone is really looking forward to it. If you would like to be a sponsor of this event, please contact me (simpson.604@osu.edu) or Golf Outing Chairman, Will Foreman (foreman.185@osu.edu). All proceeds will benefit our scholarship fund. Also over the summer, brothers from Beta Chapter will be traveling to New Orleans, LA to attend the AGR National Convention. Here we will build relationships with brothers from chapters all over the country as well as discuss important issues facing AGR on the national level.

The last semester has been a lot of fun for me serving as Noble Ruler of Beta Chapter. The goal is to continue building the membership level up as well as strengthen relations among brothers and other members of our community. I am honored to serve and lead this chapter and look forward to the bright future ahead.

Nathan Simpson, 1669